Thursday, November 17, 2011

Android Talk by Marc Tan and Manikandan from Fusion Garage

When: 7:30 pm Nov 29, 2011 (tentative)
Where: Google's Singapore Office (tentative)

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Introduction to Android
  • What is android
  • Architecture of Android
  • Core components of android
Your first Android app
  • Setup of Android SDK
  • Using eclipse and DDMS
  • Using the emulator
  • Using the Android Debug Bridge
  • Debugging your application
Examining Activity and its lifecycle
  • What is an activity
  • Discussion of activity's lifecycle
  • Examples of using activities
  • Launching Activities and subactivities
Using XML-based layout

Android Basic Widgets and Containers

  • Android widgets and their sample output
  • Layout managers: How and when to use it
  • Home screen widgets
Digging Deeper into ListView
  • A dynamic listview
  • Creating custom ListView items
  • Using the Holder Pattern
  • How to use WebView
  • Writing your own client
  • Using the Javascript Interface
  • Different kinds of Menu
  • Different approach of inflating a menu
  • Different kinds of notification
  • Examples of Toasts
  • Examples of Alerts
Handling Different Activity lifecycle events
  • onCreate and onDestroy
  • onStart, onRestart and onStop
  • onPause and onResume
Handling rotation
  • Automagic
  • Handling rotation in your code
  • Preventing the device from rotating at all
  • Main application thread
  • How to deal with progress bars
  • Using Handlers
  • Using AsyncTask
Using Camera
  • Getting a snapshot
  • Capturing a video
Using Intent Filters
  • Purpose of Intent Filters
  • Example of using Intent Filters
Using Preferences
  • What is a preference and how to use it
  • Example of using PreferenceActivity and custom preference activity
  • Different kinds of resources
  • Examining the structure of the resource folder
Styling your app
  • Localization
  • Defining the style of your app
  • Using Fonts
Handling Multiple Screen Sizes

Handling Files

  • Reading and writing data into files
  • Accessing the sdcard
Using SQLite Databases
  • Sample code on how to use the embedded sqlite db in your app
Communicating with the Internet
  • Using the Apache HttpClient
  • Different XML Parsers
  • AndroidHttpClient and its advantages and disadvantages
Using Services
  • What is a service
  • Communicating to/from a service
  • Common uses of a Service
Status Bar Notifications
  • Example of using the Status Bar Notification API
Using the GPS and other Sensors
  • Example code of using Location Manager API
  • Example app showing different output from all the built-in sensors
Using MapView and MapActivity
  • Getting the API key
  • Controlling your map
  • Using different map modes
  • Using Overlays
Gathering Statistics and User Behavior
  • Using Flurry
Different Monetization Approach
  • Earning money from ads and Android Market
  • Android Market alternatives
  • Different Ad providers
Due to the length of the topics covered, this will be a series of talks to be scheduled later. Some advance topic like:
  • Using NDK to boost performance of your app
  • Fragments and Ice Cream Sandwich specific APIs
  • Building your own custom Android image
  • Using OpenGL
will be discuss later once we finalized all the schedules.

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