Thursday, June 9, 2011

3rd Meet-up: Offline Web Applications (1st GTUG Fil Sg Event)

(left to right): Randell, JJ, Marc, Jill, Elvin, Dan, Raphael, Karl, Jonathan, Nikki.

We held our 3rd meet-up last June 8, 2011 at the Google Office in 8 Shenton Way, Singapore.

 Dan Cedric Delima of Google Japan talked about Offline Web Applications as a way of creating more interactive web applications. His presentation focused on how HTML5's offline storage (which are basically cookies on steroids) and Application Cache (for making web applications accessible offline) can be used to achieve this.

Dan also shared us some tricks on how to design apps to work online and offline at the same time, and how to deal with synchronization issues properly. He also introduced us to Channels API as a way to create a persistent connection between an application and the Google servers, allowing applications to send messages to JavaScript clients in real time without the use of polling.

He capped his presentation by discussing how he implemented all of this for his project with the use of djangoappengine for running Django-nonrel on App Engine, MediaGenerator for combining and compressing JavaScript and CSS files, and App Engine for the deployment.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Offline Web Applications on App Engine and Django

What: Offline Web Applications on App Engine and Django
When: 7pm - 8:20pm June 8, 2011
Where: 38th Floor 8 Shenton Way Bldg (Google's Office). Singapore

Dan Delima - "App Engine development has gotten better over the past year with other groups taking the effort making django work without much modifications on it.  I have taken personal interest in building offline applications and have tried isolating problems and solutions on making web applications work with or without internet access.  Applies to mobile web applications too."

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